Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection


There is an Italian saying:
"Spend Christmas with your relatives and Easter with whoever you want".

The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to explore the tradition and folklore of the Aeolian Islands.
As an islander, I can tell you that this holiday is one of the most heartfelt on the island, but I'm not the only one to say it. In fact, my own friends who came to visit my family during the Easter period were impressed by the atmosphere and spirituality that was breathed in Lipari in this period.

The opening of this week of celebration and prayer begins with Palm Sunday; on this day, we participate in the heartfelt blessing rite of the palms, imparted by the bishop, in the Chiesetta del Pozzo. The procession follows from the centre of the town and continues to the imposing and majestic cathedral.

The Good Friday procession follows this in Lipari, one of the most evocative ever seen. All the brotherhoods parade along the town streets wearing typical religious clothes, mourning banners and carrying the ancient statues, better known as "varette".
The procession of the "varette" starts from the churches of the castle and continues along the town's main streets.

The procession of ancient statues, representing all the passion of Christ, is accompanied by the notes of the musical band, notes that are not jubilant, as one usually expects from a band, but exude pain for the death of Christ.
On the morning of Holy Easter Sunday, the procession begins and reaches the square of Marina Corta, which is surprising for its particularity: the procession begins with two processions from two different streets carrying the statue of the risen Jesus and the Madonna in procession, the statues are brought together in the aforementioned square.

The confraternities greet each other once they arrive in Marina Corta, lowering their banners three times, and then they do the same with the statues. The ships sound their sirens; the crowd applauds the encounter between the two statues. At the third bow, a large black mantle is raised from which many beautiful white doves fly, the bells ring in celebration, the band plays triumphal hymns, and the celebration ends with spectacular fireworks.

Also, I will do live videos that you can view from my Instagram this year.
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