Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection

Destination Aeolian Islands

by Sarah

Welcome to the page dedicated to paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

I'm Sarah Tomasello, I'm a tourist entrepreneur and with my husband, I founded the @aeoliancharmecollection group:

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My goal and passion are to promote my destination and thanks to the fact that I experience them all year round I have the opportunity to show them at 360 degrees.

When I go trekking, go by boat, taste typical products, and visit one of the sister islands, I do it to show my community how beautiful the Aeolian Islands are and how many different things can be done.

I introduce briefly my islands.

The Aeolian Islands are the seven pearls of the Mediterranean.
Capricious, mysterious and each one different from the other, they are popular tourist destinations for their naturalistic and landscape beauties and for their history steeped in myths and legends.

Seven sisters, daughters of their mother Sicily, have their own personalities.

Lipari, the largest of the archipelago, is the most urban of the group. Famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters with a colour that varies from turquoise to cobalt blue due to the residues of the pumice stone extracted in the past from the renowned quarries.

Volcano is an island where you can perceive the balance between man and nature. The Volcano, the mystical seat of Hephaestus' ancient forges, dominates the island like a sleeping guardian and attracts trekking lovers and thanks to the possibility of enjoying the benefits of the thermal and sulphurous waters, it is a magnet for wellness lovers as well.

Salina, made famous by the film "Il Postino" with Massimo Troisi, is the oldest sister of the archipelago. A green island par excellence, it is characterised by luxuriant vegetation and an expanse of vines overlooking the sea. Famous for the production of Malvasia, a fortified wine considered a priceless treasure by salt workers.

Panarea, the VIP island became famous around the 1950s, festive and chic, it is characterised by its white houses and blue doors reminiscent of the Greek islands, the local craft boutiques and the beautiful beaches with crystal clear water characterised by the presence of intense fumarolic activity.

Stromboli with a burning heart takes its name from "iddu" the active volcano of the island that puts on a show every single day. This phenomenon can be admired from the sea, from a boat or even from the height of the crater itself with a guided climb through specific paths from which to live an experience that leaves you breathless.

Alicudi and Filicudi are the wildest little sisters of uncontaminated nature. Alicudi is perfect for those who love trekking, every corner of the island offers a unique and different panorama. Some areas can only be reached by boat, and it is the ideal way to discover small unspoiled corners of paradise.
Filicudi is the temple of flora and fauna. It is the most mystical and fascinating island, where you can get lost in nature and leave everyday stress behind. Ideal for those who love diving and snorkelling and discovering wonderful seabeds.

The fascinating and mysterious Aeolian Islands are the perfect destination for a unique and unrepeatable holiday.
Follow the blog to discover their true essence and get ready to visit them in person.

See you soon.

Your local aeolian expert  @sarahtomasello

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Lipari in Winter By Sarah

DAY 1: LIPARIHISTORIC CENTER ON FOOT The first suggestion is to visit the fortress of Lipari Castle, which houses: The Basilica of San Bartolomeo, Patron Saint of all the Aeolian Islands. The charming Norman Cloister. Bernabò Brea Archaeological Museum is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. Don't miss ...


Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolian Islands also alive in winter as the geographical and administrative centre of six of the seven islands of the archipelago (Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi). In fact, I live here and I gotta say this island surprises me every day, ...


Vulcano is the first island you meet coming from Milazzo, which is 12 miles away and only half a mile from Lipari. Due to its proximity to Lipari, it's my favourite place when it's windy, and you can't go too far by boat, but it's not the second-best choice, in fact, ...

Festival La Quadara di San Giuseppe

Every year in Malfa on March 19, "A Tavuliata di San Giuseppe" takes place; it is an ultra-centennial tradition that begins in 1835, in that year of the Malfitans who carried out maritime commercial activities with Naples, the islanders exchanged products with the mainland typical as capers, malvasia, wine and so on, ...


There is an Italian saying: "Spend Christmas with your relatives and Easter with whoever you want". The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to explore the tradition and folklore of the Aeolian Islands.As an islander, I can tell you that this holiday is one of the most heartfelt on ...

The First Sunset of 2023

The other day I ventured through the streets of my beloved island. This year has started off with a bit of a turbulent pace regarding my personal life. My island somehow understood what my soul needed and showed it to me with a shy winter sunset with soft colours. I ...


In Gusta Le Eolie ( the Taste of the Eolians), I want to introduce you to a typical dessert of our carnival period, the Giggi.They are very simple fried small cookies from the rural tradition of the Aeolian Islands. They have many similarities with the Palermitan pignoccata, which share the ...

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