Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection

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Aeolian charme Collection is a chain of new hotels located in Lipari, the main island of the Aeolian Islands.

Mea Hotel ٭٭٭٭ the most exclusive and sophisticated hotel in Lipari
Hotel Villa Enrica ٭٭٭٭ the most romantic boutique hotel in Lipari
Hotel Cutimare ٭٭٭٭ Beach Hotel for those who want holiday in absolute relax
Amarea Beach & Hotel ٭٭٭ Hotel for free spirits who look for fun and relax in Canneto

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Aeolian charme Collection offers two special venues for the reception of your special day: Hotel Mea and Hotel Villa Enrica.

The service is managed by the banqueting manager, who takes care of preparing  the restaurant area and, as a maitre of the room, coordinating the waiters in uniform (in light jacket during the day) for an  elegant and fast service.

Asino Beach

A furnished beach in an exotic atmosphere

Immersed in the vegetation of the island, protected by the unspoilt nature of Vulcano Gelso, along the beautiful Spiaggia dell'Asino, awarded with the Blue Flag, there is the Asino Beach, a nice beach resort in a stunning exotic atmosphere.

The beach resort offers everything you need for an enjoyable time spent for instance on board of a pedal boat or rowing a canoe between the old lighthouse and "Punta Bandiera" peninsula, or just lying on a sun lounger, or under the shade of palm trees.


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Aeolian Charme Hotels is a very young chain of new hotels located in Lipari, the main island of the Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands

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Do you enjoy driving around and being free to stop wherever you want and discover all the hidden corners of pristine paradise? This offer is perfect for you!
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This deal is not about a stay, but a real “volcanic” experience, when you will discover the active volcanoes in the Aeolians. The right way to explore these wonderful Islands is by boat. This deal includes 2 boat trips (a daily boat trip around Vulcano with a stop at Asino Beach at noon and a “by night” boat trip to Panarea and Stromboli. Pack your bag, we will take care of your Aeolian experience!
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