Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection

Festival La Quadara di San Giuseppe

Every year in Malfa on March 19, "A Tavuliata di San Giuseppe" takes place; it is an ultra-centennial tradition that begins in 1835, in that year of the Malfitans who carried out maritime commercial activities with Naples, the islanders exchanged products with the mainland typical as capers, malvasia, wine and so on, with pasta and legumes.

It was during one of these trips that they found themselves in the middle of a storm, and fearing losing their lives and never seeing their loved ones again, they decided to invoke the protection of St. Joseph.

The storm ceased, and they were able to return safely to the island.
Once he returned home as promised, they thanked him by distributing their load to the neediest. They decided to cook large pots (the quadari) of pasta and chickpeas; still today the quadara of pasta and chickpeas is the highlight of the party and synonymous with devotion.

Over the years, this tradition has spread to other Aeolian islands, particularly Lipari, where the "Tavuliata di San Giuseppe" is set up in almost all the parishes.

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