Hotel Cutimare
Hotel Cutimare

Your safe holiday with aeoliancharme collection


Is the Hotel on the beach?

Hotel Cutimare is directly on beach. You just have to cross the road.

Do all the rooms have a sea view?

Not all of the rooms have a sea view. On the on-line booking and on our official website the rooms without a sea view have the caption "garden view".

Check – in & check-out:

A few days before your arrival, you will receive an email from us asking you to check in online via email or whatsapp. This will allow you to save time upon arrival and above all to enter your meal preferences.

In addition, for the 2020 season in accordance with the current provisions issued by the President of the Sicilian Region, all our guests who are not resident in the Aeolian Islands must declare that they have registered on the website

If you prefer you can settle the room bill in advance with any additional services you would like to reserve (we can think about your entire holiday), this way, you will have no thoughts at the time of departure, which we know is always a hectic day. If you are therefore interested, you can request the pro forma to the reception via phone, email or whatsapp and we will give you all the information.

Check-in and check-out times will be modified to give our staff enough time to carry out a thorough sanitization of the rooms. Therefore, arrival will be possible from 15.00 and departure by 10.00.
We anticipate these times to give you the chance to plan your entire trip beforehand so that you will not incur in long waiting times. In case you arrive before 15.00 or your departure is after 10.00 you can leave your luggage in storage and we will suggest activities on the island once you leave the hotel.

Contact the reception via email, phone or whatsapp in case your arrival and departure times deviate greatly from our check in / out times.

Our desire is to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.

Can we connect to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can take advantage of free wi-fi in the rooms and in common areas. You need to enter the password provided by the hotel.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms

Cleaning has always been a very fundamental point for us at the Aeolian Charme Collection, but nowadays we put even more effort to clear up any doubts you should have. Upon departure all rooms will be totally ventilated, the surfaces will be sterilized with detergents and disinfectants following all the healthcare directives in force. Cleaning staff will be provided with PPE regulated by WHO.

Daily refresher room cleaning

You can request to waive the daily refresher service. Our cleaning staff will provide the courtesy bathroom kit and the linen at the time indicated by you via email, phone or whatsapp.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool?

Why should we need a pool when ours is the only hotel in Canneto which owns a private beach club? Hotel Amarea is actually the best options for sea lovers without any doubt.

Is the beach in front of the hotel sandy or rocky?

All the beaches on the island are made up of rocks or pebbles. The beach is made up of large rocks called "CUTI". The name of the Hotel comes from this peculiarity. We offer only to our guests sun beds and umbrellas upon availability, free of charge.

Does the hotel provide beach towels?

We provide the first supply of beach towels for free. If you wish to have them changed the supplementi s Euro 2,00 per item.

Does the hotel have a spa and a gym?

No, but we have agreements for our guests at facilities on the island or you can book beauty treatments or massages that can be done in your room following all the healthcare directives regulated by WHO. If you wish to book any of these service you should let us know before the arrival.

Does the hotel have parking?

Hotel Cutimare does not have private parking. However, it is possible to park for free on the street and there is a baggage loading / unloading area in front of the hotel.

Is there any assistance / maintenance service?

For any damage please notify us promptly. The reception is open 24 hours, but we need notice to find the suitable technicians.

Is there a city tax?

No, the town of Lipari does not have any city tax.


Breakfast, novità per la stagione 2020

Breakfast service time will be extended, where possible, and will be carried out with suitably spaced tables. If you wish, you can request to have your breakfast served directly in your room.

For your safety, we have removed our beloved buffet for this season, but you will find a breakfast menu with a choice between sweet and savory, everything will be prepared on the spot.

The night before you will be requested to order what you wish to eat for breakfast, both in the dining room and in the room via email, telephone or whatsapp.Breakfast will be served, both in the dining room or in the room, from 7.30 to 10.30. am. To secure the correct distancing and to prevent gatherings and also to have time to sanitise each table, guests will be asked to eat their breakfast in half-hour. For this reason you will be asked to book your table the night before by contacting the reception via email, phone or whatsapp, even if you have requested to have breakfast in your room.

Do you have a restaurant onsite?

We do not have restaurant onsite. However we do have an agreement with the Chimera Restaurant (located at Hotel Mea) and offer a shuttle service and a 10% discount on the à la carte menu. In the area we also have agreements with two other restaurants: "Aurora" which is very close to the hotel (about 5 minute walk) and "Da Lauro" which is a little bit further away from the hotel but they offer a free shuttle service.

Is the kitchen equipped to handle particular food requirements?

Yes. Please communicate any specific requirements or intolerances and our chef will prepare a menu to cater to your needs.


Amarea Beach (Canneto) and Asino Beach (Vulcano)

We will adhere to the law requirements to ensure the assignment of umbrellas with the correct distancing. We advise you to book in advance, this to secure all our guests their place by the sea. Bar "17" with which the Amarea beach has an agreement will continue the waiter service for snacks and ice cream directly on the beach.

Asino Beach Pizzeria and Restaurant

We will continue doing our best to ensure a safe and impeccable service. Our restaurant will follow, the guidelines dictated by the WHO, to work in safety, starting from the table distances. If you wish you will be able to request the waiter service directly at the umbrella.


What are the things to do in the Aeolian Islands?

Before arrival, you will receive a downloadable PDF by mail or whatsapp with all the activities in the Aeolian Islands that you can book through our Concierge service by phone from your room or at fixed time a tour desk. Sarah, the owner will have the pleasure of meeting you by appointment in the dedicated outdoor area to advise you on the most exclusive activities of the Aeolian Islands.

What is the best way to get around the island?

You can rent a scooter to avoid traffic and to easily reach all points of interest. If you have no experience driving a scooter or if you are a family cars are also available.

Does the area have sufficient public transport?

Acquacalda area has public transport until 8.00 pm. In August times are extended until 11:30 pm.

Are there any shops and supermarkets?

There is a small emporium that provides everything including cigarettes. Newspapers and Magazines are also available during the months of June, July and August.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?

All the beaches on the island are made up of rocks or pebbles. It is possible to choose between private beaches with different amenities or the free beach. On the islands of Stromboli and Vulcano there are black sand beaches.

What do you need to climb Vulcano and Stromboli?

The Climb to the crater of Vulcano is a medium-low difficulty and it takes about 1 hour. No guide is required. You will need comfortable clothing, sneakers and high socks because there is a lot of sand. The climb to the crater of Stromboli is not allowed at the moment.

Can we book excursions before our arrival at the hotel?

You can book packages that include escursions or experiences on our Hotel Website to customise your reservation. However we recommend booking the some boat excursions during your stay and not in advance due to changing weather conditions.

Can we rent a scooter or a car before we arrive?

Yes. We can provide quotes for different vehicles but a deposit is required to make a booking. Prices very depending on the model of the vehicle and the duration of the rental. Booking in advance is recommended in August, during summer weekends, and during public holidays.

Is it possible to reserve a boat before we arrive?

Yes, it is possible to book a boat with or without a skipper but a deposit is required. A boat license is required if the engine is more than 40 hp. Prices vary depending on the model of the boat and the of the rental. Advance booking is recommended in August, during summer weekends, and during public holidays.


How do I get to the Aeolian Islands?

Go to the “LOCATION" page of the hotel website of your choice for all the details on the means of transport. Seats will be limited this year therefore we strongly recommend that you book in advance.

Is there a shuttle service from / to the port?

Due to the new precautionary measures dictated by the Government, for the 2020 season, our shuttle service upon arrival/departure will run only by booking in advance and it will be based on availability and with an additional supplement of about Euro 25,00 per way. Costs may vary depending on the number of passengers. For very early departures or late arrivals the supplement is Euo 5,00. At the time of booking confirmation, you can request this service. If not available, we have several agreements with taxis and car rentals in the area. We will give you all the information.

How distant is the hotel from the village of Lipari?

Hotel Cutimare is about 10 km far from the centre of Lipari.

Where can we leave the car if we take the hydrofoil?

In Milazzo there are several private garages and lots that offer shuttle services to and from the port. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Is it possible to bring the car to the island?

From the 1st of June to the 30th of September there is a non-disembarkation ban for cars and motorbikes for non-residents with the exception of guests who have booked at least 7 nights at the hotel. If you would like to take the car with you, please contact us to receive the appropriate authorization.

Are the ferry and hydrofoil always available? Even on Sundays and Public holidays?

Yes, ferries and hydrofoils are always available except on days with unfavourable weather conditions.

Can I book the ferry ticket with you?

Sure, we work with a local Travel Agency through which we will be able to book hydrofoil, ferry and also airplane tickets.

It is possible to book individual or collective airport transfer service for hotel guests.

The hotel provides an airport shuttle from Catania Airport and arrives directly to the island of Lipari / Vulcano. With the individual transfer there will be a private car with driver available, while, for the collective transfer, it will be possible to book a shuttle / minibus. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


What can I do if I have to modify my reservation due to COVID-19?

For non-refundable direct bookings with a date of stay within 10/06/2020, the booking will be changed by issuing a voucher that can be used for a new stay until 31/10/2021. The voucher can be requested to our hotel by filling-in the form that you can find at the end of this page. You don’t have to inform us about the new dates if they are not known yet.

The voucher is transferable but cannot be split up.

The above terms are reserved for residents in Italy, Europe and neighbouring countries. For residents in non-European countries, a voucher will be issued for stays within 31/07/2020. These terms are due to changes, therefore contact us for any updates.

Can I cancel a reservation?

If you have booked a "free cancellation rate" you can cancel without penalty before the deadline (2 or 4 or 8 or 15 days prior to arrival based on the period booked; you can find this information in the email confirmation of your booking). In the event that you have paid a deposit, the amount will be paid back net of bank charges within the beginning of the month following the cancellation date.

If you have booked a "non-refundable" stay, this reservation cannot be changed or cancelled. For this reason, we invite our guests to subscribe the Allianz insurance policy within 2 days from booking, which you can find in the confirmation email. By subscribing this insurance policy, you will be able to receive a refund directly from the insurance company if you have to suspend or interrupt your stay for family, health or work reasons.

If you have booked a "partially refundable cancellation" rate, you can cancel a booking within the set terms (2 or 4 or 8 or 15 days before arrival based on the booked period; this information can be found in the confirmation email of your booking) and you will only be charged the amount paid at the time of booking. However, by subscribing the Allianz insurance policy you will be able to receive a refund in the same cases mentioned above.

How do I cancel a reservation?

If you have booked directly from our website or through our reservations office, go to our website and in the "Modify / cancel" section, enter the reservation number and then send. You will receive an email with the cancellation.

If you have booked through a booking portal (eg / Expedia etc.) or travel agency you will need to contact their customer service. The reservation cannot be canceled by us.

How can I modify a reservation?

If you have booked from our website or through our reservations office, contact us by phone or whatsapp or form that you can find at the end of this page and we will send you a new quote.

If you have booked from our website or through our reservations office, contact us by phone or whatsapp or form that you can find at the end of this page and we will send you a new quote.

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