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Hotel Cutimare

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In the geographical maps we read "Aeolian Islands or Lipari", the reason why is because Lipari is the main island in terms of size of the Aeolian archipelago.

It has an area of ​​37.6 square kilometers and about 10,000 inhabitants, number of population that increases in the summer months. It is divided into five main villages: Lipari, Canneto, Acquacalda, Pianoconte and Quattropani.

Among the seven sisters Lipari is the only one that looks like more a small town. Lipari has a historical archaeological background very important. very interesting to visit are: the castle of Lipari located in the center with the ancient Benedictine monastery from the Norman era, the cathedral of the thirteenth century, the acropolis, the remains of the graves of the Greco-Roman age and the Archaeological Museum.

The Island shows its volcanic origin with fumarolic activity and hot springs in the western part. A nice visit would be the thermal baths of San Calogero, sources of thermal water.

There are beautiful beaches in the cosat that goes from the bay of Canneto to the village of Acquacalda.

Acquacalda takes its name from some hot springs that were in the area of ​​San Gaetano. The area is very famous for its beach made of “cuti”, such as typical large Aeolian stones, and for its unique sunset overlooking the island of Salina. Close is the area of the famous White Beach created with the remains of the pumice stone once extracted in Acquacalda and Porticello. The landscape of these areas is magical. The color of the sea changes from turquoise to deep blue and you will have the feeling of being in a postcard from unknonwn place far away . Tranquillity is the key word for Acquacalda. It is perfect for those who love the sea and who want to switch off from the everyday stress. A place of serenity where you can be lulled by the sound of the waves and captivated by the colors of the sunset. The right place to find the peace of mind.

A holiday in the Aeolian Islands will leave you with unique experiences hardly to forget.

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