Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection
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Warm waters and undersea springs

Once known as "Therasia", meaning hot and "Hierà" meaning sacred, the island is 21 square kilometres and lies at the southern most point of the Aeolian group. Separated from Lipari by just a small stretch of sea, Vulcano remains a jewel of rare beauty and unspoilt nature evident in its lush vegetation, smoky fumaroles, renowned natural mud pool and the release of sulphur and warm waters close to the Levante beach.

The volcano dominates the island, as if keeping watch, and its peak can be reached by lovers of trekking and nature; a trek of around 50 minutes. The hard work certainly pays off owing to the breathtaking views over the six islands, with Stromboli and its smoking eruptions standing out.

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This deal is not about a stay, but a real experience. The right way to explore this wonderful Islands is by boat. This deal has 2 boat trips around the Islands included. You can pick which one. Pack your bag, we will take care of your aeolian experience!
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Enjoy the Aeolian Island in the right way. Vulcano is the perfect base to visit the other Islands as well. We offer you one stay and 2 Islands. Pack your luggage and we will take care of your holiday!
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