Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection

Aeolian Islands

Paradise in the mediterranean sea

The Aeolian Islands are the seven pearls of the Mediterranean. Capricious, mysterious and each one different from the other. They are a sought-after destination for naturalistic beauties, landscapes and for their history steeped in myths and legends.

Seven Sisters Mother Sicily’s daughters that have their own personality. Lipari is the largest of the archipelago and famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters with a color that varies from turquoise to cobalt blue due to the remains of the pumice stone extracted in the past.

Vulcano is the island where you can feel the balance man and nature. The volcano, mystical site of the ancient forges of Hephaestus, dominates the island as a sleeping guardian. It is an attraction for trekking lovers and psycho-physical well-being fans as they can enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters and sulphurous.

Salina, became famous thanks to the movie "Il Postino" with the italian actor Massimo Trois. It is the Green island par excellence, characterized by lush vegetation. It is famous for the production of Malvasia, a liqueur wine considered an inestimable treasure by the inhabitants.

Panarea, the VIP island, has become famous around the 50s. There are the beautiful beaches with crystal clear water characterized by the presence of an intense fumarolic activity. A very glamour and chic Island with a landscape of white houses and blue doors and window that remind of the Greek islan. It is the favourite destination of local and international VIPs.

Stromboli with a burning heart, takes its name from "iddu" the active volcano of the island .There is an eruption every 15 minutes. This phenomenon can be admired from the sea by boat or even from the of the crater itself. You can climb Stromboli with a professional guide who will lead you through specific paths where you can live a breathtaking experience.

Alicudi and Filicudi are the wildest sisters. Alicudi is perfect for those trekking lovers as every corner of the island offers a unique and different view. Some areas can only be reached by boat. This is the perfect way to discover a pristine paradise.

Filicudi is the temple of flora and fauna. It is the most mystical and fascinating island, where you can get lost in nature and leave everyday stress behind. Ideal for diving and snorkeling lover who want to discover wonderful backdrops.

Aeolian Islands, fascinating and mysterious will make your holiday a unique and unrepeatable experience.

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It will steal your heart and you will no longer be able to leave the island. Our land has many wonders to offer and many memories to build. With its beauty it will enchant you too.
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The beauties in the Aeolian Islands are able to enchant everyone, both young and old, live a one-of-a-kind experience together with your whole family and build memories that will last forever in your hearts.
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