Aeolian charme Collection
Aeolian charme Collection
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Primitive and untouched

Alicudi was known in the past as Ericusa, due to the overwhelming abundance of the "Erica" plant. Even today, this plant continues to characterize the steep slopes of the extinct volcano and the inaccessible valleys. The east-facing houses are found primarily midway up the Volcano. Recently, there have been restoration of old, beautiful villas along the beach. There are no motor vehicles on Alicudi, except in emergencies and only in the vicinity of the wharf. Today, as in the past, pack animals are used for transportation and are common throughout the island.

The extraordinary natural beauty of Alicudi is enhanced by the characteristic Aeolian constructions, which are connected to each other by mule trails. When vacationing in Alicudi you absolutely cannot pass the opportunity of a boat tour of the island. The periphery of the island is about 6 miles, which makes a nice one hour tour in a traditional Aeolian fishing boat.

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Do you like to drive around and be free to stop wherever you want and discover little corner of pristine paradise? This offer is perfect for you!
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It is a gourmet experience that will lead you to discover the real flavours of the Island. "The history of cooking is the history of the world". You will never be able to know the Island without tasting its food.
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