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Aeolian Charme Hotels

Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Charme Hotels is a new hotel chain located in Lipari, the main island in the Aeolian Islands. As of today all the hotels belonging to the Aeolian Charme group share the same innovative hospitality philosophy that privileges personalized services, flexibility and openness towards the customers.

The Aeolian Charme Hotels are owned by the Carnevale family, known to the local people for their industriousness and love for their own land, the Aeolian Islands which they wish to make more popular among the hotels guests for their natural beauty and "volcanic" energy.

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AEOLIAN CHARME - PI 02515330831
Tel. +39 090 9812077 - Fax +39 090 9813881
Winterinfo +39 320 1914560 - Email:

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